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Crystal, thank you so much. I saved over $122 in the first week using only 3 of your tips. I can't wait to try the other 98!

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I am now in control of my money and have saved so much that I can't believe that I have done it.

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Peter Brockman



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From The Desk Of: Crystal Graham


How frustrated do you feel when you have run out of money but there are still quite a few days to go until the end of the month? Have you ever spent money on something and then seriously regretted it afterwards? Do you know that you are spending more money than you should but just feel out of control and cannot seem to fix the problem?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the questions above I know exactly how you feel! I used to spend all of the money that we had often before we had it! I had no control and would spend spend spend and then regret it all afterwards - often to the point of tears. If you haven't got to this stage yet believe me - you really don't want to be there!

My husband works very hard and earns us pretty good money but it was never enough for me. I wanted everything - and I wanted it now! I would spend hours in stores and markets and on a few occasions had to be ushered out by security guards as I was the last person in the shop. The more money we made the poorer we became!

So Embarrassing

About four years ago I went to the ATM machine to get some cash and I got the old "sorry you don't have sufficient funds to cover this transaction" response from the machine. I was so embarrassed as their were people in the line behind me and I am sure they knew what had happened. Has this ever happened to you?

Enough Was Enough

That was the point where I decided enough was enough! I simply had to take control and stop spending so much money. So since then I have spent countless hours devising ways to save money without affecting the quality of my life and I am happier now than I have ever been.

Through using these techniques I have changed our situation around to the point where not only am I saving significant amounts of cash every month but have also started investing money for the future. It was so easy and it will work for you too. I am no longer worried about recessions or emergency situations that happen to all of us from time to time.

A Shift In Attitude

The first thing that I realized was that I would have to change my attitude towards money if this plan was to succeed. Now you maybe thinking that this sounds very difficult but it was really easy. In fact after you discover what I did you will be able to make this happen in your life with the same ease.


Please Answer These Questions Honestly:

Do your loved ones complain that you are spending too much money?

Do you have more shoes and clothes in your closet that you could possibly wear?

Are you shocked when your credit card bill arrives to find the amount of new things that have appeared?

Do you buy things you never knew you wanted before you saw them at the store?

Before I changed my ways all of the above were true for me. How about you? Did you tick any of the questions above? If so.......


You definitely need Saving Cash 101 NOW! 


In the first month of using the tips in Saving Cash 101 I saved $263. Not too shabby! In the second month I saved $341 - definitely getting better and in the third month an amazing $584! But it is not these savings that are so important, now I am in control and have our future planned and that is a very satisfying feeling that you can experience too.

Here's What I Have Got For You:


A no BS easy to read guide for saving you lots of your hard earned cash on a regular basis, that is not only full of easy to apply tips that you can use right now but also the all important ways to change your attitude about money that will keep you from spending in an out of control way.


I Saved $122 In The First Week!
Crystal thank you so much. Saving Cash 101 is amazing - I saved over $122 in the first week by using only 3 of your tips.

I can't wait to try the other 98!

Mrs C Lewis


Here Are Some Of The Things You Will Learn:

The Three Things That You Must Do before Visiting The Store....Page 13

Little known secret that can take years off your mortgage payments....Page 12

Rebate programs are a scam right? Wrong. Page 27 explains

WARNING - Every time you go to the shops you are in grave danger. Ignoring this warning could leave you broke in no time...Page 15

Are you making these common mistakes with your money? Find out what and how to fix them on Page 36

The amazing "Remedies" trick that will save you tons by using things you can find around the house...Page 20

Did you know that Christmas time can be the most stressful for your bank account? Here's how to save money at the most expensive time of the year and still make it enjoyable for everybody....Page 30

Why you cannot trust store advertising and how you can get the same item cheaper if you know where to look...Page 14

What you have to do to ensure there are no money leaks in your household

What never to do if you want to stay out of debt and keep your cash

PLUS - How To Really Get Control Of Your Money And Immediately Feel A Heavy Weight Has Been Removed From Your Shoulders

And a ton more. How to stop paying your creditors too much interest... how to sell all your unwanted things for a small fortune... how to save money with your vacation... how to stay out of the malls and keep your money in your pocket... and way too much more to explain here.


Your Guide Has Changed My Life!
I related to your story straight away. I was spending too much money every month and didn't have a clue where it was all going. I read your book and then started to take control of my money.

I have saved so much that I can't believe that I have done it. The only thing I have done wrong is not counted how much I have saved. It will be well over $500 in two months.

Your guide is way too cheap Crystal for the advice you give. If you are hesitating about buying her guide don't! It's a no-brainer.

Peter Brockman


You already know that saving money is the right thing to do.....

Well... here, finally, is a book that will show you how to do it painlessly and keep the momentum going so that it will become a way of life.

Look I am not talking about turning you into Scrooge here - I am talking about how you can stop needlessly wasting your hard earned money and line your own pockets instead of other people's!


Here's what I want to offer you:

Saving Cash 101 is a result of months and months of investigation into the best and most effective ways to save cash on a regular basis. I am an ordinary gal who has learnt the hard way and in the book I show you what worked best and tell it in a way that is easy to understand and apply immediately.

The book is fairly new and has been selling a lot since I made this web site. Everybody has been telling me that I am not charging enough for it but if you are willing to act NOW on this I will let you have this life changing guide for only $7 $5!

Yes you read that right $7 $5


Not only that but for the next 200 120 85 50 32 25 14 9 people that order I will give you an incredibly valuable bonus:


Becoming A Personal Finance Guru!


Becoming A Personal Finance Guru Shows You How To Take Control Of Your Finances, Set Your Money To Work For You And Enjoy A Happier Life. It Is The Perfect Companion To Saving Cash 101!

  • 6 ways to instantly take control of your personal finances and cut your ties with total chaos!

  • The art of budgeting (no, it's not the art of living cheap). Find out how you can easily stretch every dollar in your pocket and live a happier life!

  • Organize your finances in a blink eye by learning simple-to-use techniques in assessing your current financial situation

  • How to efficiently plan for your retirement, household, insurance and legacy - short to long term

  • Make your money "boomerang" back into your pocket with even more money simply by leveraging on powerful investment vehicles!

  • How to carry on your legacy of good financial shape even after you've stopped working

  • The common investment mistakes you should be avoiding as they'll suck your money out like a void!

  • The truth behind the credit card(s) you keep in your wallet and how you can cover up your money leak by at least 10-65%!

  • Several small "money leak" holes you must be aware of and how you can put a cork in them!

  • How to choose the right financial advisors, planners and brokers to be in your team!

  • How to have your hard-earned money work HARDER for you in simple ways even a klutz can do it!


Now unless you missed it the bonus book is actually worth more than the price I am asking you to pay for Saving Cash 101! Do I need treatment? Probably. Now let's recap - not only are you getting a book that will save you $???? but you will also get a free bonus worth $27.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What if you were to try Saving Cash 101 now for thirty days....free? And what if you really used the advice given in the book? You could find that you have saved hundreds of dollars in the first month. You are now on your way to saving a fortune on a regular basis. Your life has dramatically changed and your money worries are over.

That's why I'm offering to let you try the book and then decide, give it a 30 day 'test-drive'. Go ahead and try Saving Cash 101 in it's entirety without risking anything. I personally guarantee that -- within the next month -- you will be delighted with this information... or I'll promptly refund every dime of your money! Even if you decide to return it just before the last day. No explanation is necessary. This is a zero-risk trial offer and you are under absolutely no obligation to keep the book if you're not 100% satisfied.



Why You Need To Order Saving Cash 101 Right Now:

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The Best Purchase I Have Made In Ages!
Crystal's book is the best purchase I have made in ages. I was a nightmare spender and I was getting worse but her book changed all of that.

I saved $74 in the first two days using her advice and have gone on to put my finances in order and save thousands.

It's so easy when you know how!

Kathleen Harris
New Jersey



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Top Quality Information That Works!
I was skeptical about buying Crystal's book as there is so much rubbish out there. But I am so glad that I got it.

For the first time in my life I have total control over my money and I can't tell you what a relief that is. My savings have been well over $900 since I started using the book.

Don't let the price fool you - this is top quality information that works.

Callie Hart


I Bought It For My Wife!
Your book might just have saved our marriage. My wife was spending so much it was causing many arguments and heartache.

I bought your book, printed it out and gave it to her. At first she was angry but then agreed to read it and "give it a try". The rest is history.

We now have money in the bank and are even saving for the future and what's more important is that we don't argue much any more.

I think you should change the title to "Saving Cash and Marriages"

I can't thank you enough

Brian Pullman



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No thanks Crystal, I want to pass up this incredible offer of a lifetime and I realize that I will not be offered it ever again!



If you have any questions or concerns just send an email to

crys AT savingcashnow.com

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